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Andreas Kaede

Kanzlei Kaede


Andreas Kaede is a German lawyer from Gerlingen. He studied law in Bonn and Kiel, and then worked as corporate lawyer in a Stuttgart based multinational company for 27 years. From 2008 until his retirement in 2015, he oversaw the company’s worldwide intellectual property contract practice. After first contacts with law-of-the-sea matters in university, he always kept an eye on developments there. When the first ISA exploration licenses neared expiration around the time of his retirement, with rules on exploitation still pending, his interest in the matter was re-invigorated. In contact with ISA as well as on international congresses he has hence contributed to the discussion of these rules, with a focus on the provisions relating to technical co-operation and technology transfer.

In his private practice he has teamed up with the law firm of Haver & Mailaender Partnerschaft mbB. Andreas is a member of the Stuttgart bar association, the Licensing Executives Society, the German American Lawyers’ Association, the International Marine Minerals Society, and the World Ocean Council.

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