The Merchant Taylors’ Hall, London, UK


Merchant Taylors’ Hall has been on this same site since 1347, when the Company acquired the mansion house of John de Yakeslee, pavilion maker to Edward III. In subsequent years, this mansion will have been altered or cleared away to build a Hall for the Company.




The Dining Hall is still the same structure as it was before the Great Fire, and so is the Kitchen. The present Parlour is likely to have been the Court Room. This would give a common medieval layout.


Whatever the occasion, at Merchant Taylors’ Hall you can be sure it will be remembered with pleasure for years to come. Since the fourteenth century, the prime location, superb environment and warm welcome at Merchant Taylors’ Hall have been highly esteemed. That’s why we have continued to attract interesting and eminent people from all walks of life through every era. Today we excel at meeting contemporary requirement by providing London events venues that will delight you and your guests or colleagues.


More information about the Tower Hotel can be found at https://www.merchant-taylors.co.uk/


Merchant Taylors’ Hall,
30 Threadneedle Street,
London EC2R 8JB

Phone: 0207 450 4441


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